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About us

About us

The Cultural Travel Company (CTC), established in 2017, is a tour operator offering trips exploring art, architecture, archaeology, history and music. Accompanied by first-rate speakers, we visit many cultural highlights in Europe and the UK. Each trip has a carefully-paced itinerary with a mix of guided visits, lively lectures, group dinners and free time.

We set up CTC to offer quality cultural experiences at reasonable prices. We have achieved fantastic value for money by focusing on the core ingredients, using sensible hotels, cutting the frills and allowing greater freedom than is usual on this sort of trip.

CTC is a division of Martin Randall Travel, Britain’s largest and most innovative specialist in cultural tours. For 30 years Martin Randall Travel have offered immaculately-planned tours across the globe. We draw on their experience and expertise, and share an unrivalled pool of speakers.

What is included?

Expect an active and engaging tour with like-minded travellers. Each itinerary offers a mix of escorted visits, lively lectures and free time. The trips include 3- or 4-star accommodation in central locations, daily breakfasts and at least one lunch or dinner together. Local travel is by private coach. Entry to all museums and monuments in the itineraries is also covered, as are concert tickets on our musical tours. However, for flexibility’s sake, we do not include transport to and from the starting and finishing points of our trips, we ask you to arrange this yourself. We can request additional nights at our hotels before or after the trips for you.

Our speakers

Our speakers are the lynch-pins of every tour, and we choose them for more than just their erudition. Academic excellence is vital, but it is their ability to stimulate and inspire that really sets them apart. Finding such lively, informed and entertaining minds is not easy, but we are able to draw on the unrivalled pool of talent developed by our parent company, Martin Randall Travel. Founded in 1988, it is Britain’s leading cultural tour specialist.

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Travelling with us means you should expect an active trip. Walking, stair-climbing, traversing uneven ground and standing around for lengthy periods are unavoidable aspects of every trip. They should not present problems to anyone of normal fitness, but they would not be suitable for those who are slow, need support or are low on stamina.

To help you measure your fitness we have designed some simple tests. If you cannot manage these, our trips are probably unsuitable for you. If it turns out that you are not able to cope with the demands during the trip and slow down the group, you may be asked to opt out of visits or leave the trip altogether. This would be at your own expense.

The simple tests:

1) Sit in a chair, fold your arms and place your hands on opposite shoulders. Stand and return to a sitting position 8 times in 30 seconds.

2) Stand and raise each knee in turn, at least 60 times in 2 minutes.

3) Record the time it takes to stand up from a chair, collect an object from 9 feet away and sit back down. This should not take more than 7 seconds.

Please note you should be able to walk unaided at 3 miles per hour for a minimum of 30 minutes, and to stand for 15 minutes.